About Us

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, the founder needed to find something that could easily manage her pain. Several colleagues recommended natural homeopathic options. After meeting with a team of doctors she was referred to try CBD. CBD was a new product on the block and she thought to herself how cool would this be as a water, a water that made “you happy” because your pain was gone. Viola Happie Water was born!

At Happie Water we want to provide our customers with cannabinoid products for every aspect of their lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for something to help clear your mind, increase your wellbeing, and improve your focus, Happie Water works for everybody.

The Happie Water team consist of a Medical Doctor, Business professional and a Serial Tech Entrepreneur who were passionate about adding elevation to the water game! Simply put we’ve created Happie Water to well...make you Happy!

Our unique bottles are Glow in the dark and stand out in the crowd. It’s the perfect hydration for any occasion.

Each Happie Water product is manufactured to the very highest standards with only Certified Organic Hemp.

Currently Available Online In The United States. And at Select 7-11 stores.